About Us

The church of Christ at Chapman Acres is an independent, non-denominational group of Christians whose goal is to serve God, the Creator and Savior. Free from the authority of man-made creeds or charters, our only standard is the Bible. Our only model is the church that Jesus established, of which we read in the New Testament. While we pray for and encourage other churches who seek to follow the New Testament pattern, the church at Chapman Acres maintains no organizational ties with other congregations either in our local area or abroad.

The Christians who make up the church are not perfect, but our goal is to live for the One who died for us. We are forgiven sinners who have believed in Jesus Christ, have committed our lives to Him, and have obeyed His command to be immersed in baptism. To us, being a Christian is not about living our way and expecting God to approve of whatever we do. Jesus Christ is Lord and King. However, neither is being a Christian a matter of cold, robotic obedience to laws. Being a Christian is about cultivating a relationship with the Father. Whatever He asks, we lovingly seek to give Him.

Our God-given duty as a group is to spread the Gospel locally and abroad, to encourage the members of the church, and to help Christians who are in spiritual or physical need. We do not provide recreation or entertainment. God has given His church much more important work with eternal consequences. Our job is to help everyone we know be saved.

We read in the New Testament that Christians regularly met together to worship and study. They sang songs in order to praise God and encourage one another. They prayed together. They contributed financially to the work of the church. Teaching and Bible reading were essential parts of their activities. In addition, we read that they regularly met on the first day of the week to observe the Lord’s Supper and remember the sacrifice that makes it all possible. These simple, spiritual activities are what you will find at Chapman Acres.

We would love for you to visit with us. You will find a friendly greeting, reverent worship, group Bible study, and teaching strictly from the Bible. Feel free to contact us if you wish to study with any of the men or women of the church at a place of your choice. Our prayer is that you dedicate yourself to the Lord and seek the relationship that He wants with you. We will help in any way we can.

The Christians at Chapman Acres

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